How SketchList 3D Home Design Software Saves You Time

Saving time with Sketchlist 3D home design software

The days of pencil and paper drawings are over. There are growing demands for high-quality 3D images, quick and easy report generation and the ability to easily modify 3D designs. SketchList 3D is leading the charge with our innovative 3d home design software.

With the increasing need for high-quality 3D images, automatic report generation and faster proposal times we are constantly talking with shop owners who want to learn about how our 3D home design software can benefit them.

SketchList personnel are here to help you better understand the value that SketchList 3D can bring to your home and business. Our support team at SketchList 3D is here to help answer any questions you have as you begin to get started using our custom woodworking software.

Here are a few examples of the most common questions new users ask us when getting started:

Q1: Will I be able to learn how to use your 3D home design software?

Some people pick it up in the first few evenings and some may take a few weeks. Our goal is to get new users productive as quickly as possible. We generate training videos and tutorials to accomplish this. In addition, we are also available by e-mail or a quick phone call, as well as a Skype screen-sharing session. If you want to learn, we at SketchList 3D will teach you.

Q2: Will I be able to share my designs with my prospects?

SketchList 3D outputs high-quality 3D images, a movable 3D PDF file, and a series of shop reports. Many of our users run our 3D home design software on a laptop so they can show their prospects the proposed designs, and modify them on the spot.

Q3: How long does it take to complete a design?

Project completion time depends on the design. SketchList 3D is a custom woodworking software which is much more efficient than hand drawings. For example, you can create your own library of standards, allowing you to easily apply them and make modifications to future woodworking designs. Additionally, your reports are being generated as you design: cut lists, shop drawings, and material layouts are all generated automatically within our custom software. This saves time and proves to be more accurate than manual methods.

Q4: What kinds of things can I design?

I have seen so many different types of projects: bus stations to shipping containers, Kitchens, closets and even entertainment centers—the list is endless. Anything you can make in your shop you can design with SketchList 3D.The following designs are by Brian Nordstrom and they show the versatility of SketchList 3D.

Of course, you can do a vanity cabinet as well!

We understand that everyone has unique, specific questions and we are here to answer them. Our goal is to help you become as productive as possible, as quickly as possible within our custom 3D woodworking software. One of the ways we help users accomplish this is with our SketchList 3D Introduction Workbook. It provides a starting point for new users to plan out their first projects.

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