Kitchen layout software builds sales

3D Kitchen cabinets design layout is a must for making sales.

Kitchen design software seems like an overwhelming phrase. For custom cabinet makers, it encompasses not only the layout but the details of the cabinet design and construction. Nothing new about that. What is new – or at least newer – is the day of the hand-drawn pictures for your proposals are pretty much over. Prospects are demanding high-quality images of the kitchen design they are committing to buy. When I started SketchList nearly ten years ago, that wasn’t the case. Those were the days of hand sketches, or better yet – the contractor saying ‘trust me – I know what you want.’ No more. Every day more and more woodworking business owners are converting to computer-drawn images to help their sales efforts. An article in a woodworking magazine called a computer-generated layout ‘mandatory’ for any proposal to stand a chance of being accepted. Check out these images to see the point.


Kitchen layout software rendering


kitchen hand drawn

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a proposal with a kitchen cabinet image brings in the bacon.

Read these emails from SketchList 3D users who found that out themselves.

“I got the order thanks to my craftsmanship & SketchList 3D! They told me they couldn’t believe how fast I produced Concept drawings of their new kitchen. They told me the other contractor had come back to see them. He had a pencil drawing of their new kitchen. They told him they were all set. I will do the final kitchen in the next 2-3 weeks, including the island. After I complete that, I can send it to you. Take care and talk soon.”

Over the past 12 months, this shop sold a lot of new jobs using SketchList 3D.

Yet another shop owner wrote us that he is “Starting to get the hang of SketchList. I just got the go-ahead on a couple orders where I used your kitchen layout software for renderings. They said they “loved” the look.”

His image of a proposed sink base demonstrates the type of details possible.



If you want someone to pay you to create a project for their home, office, or store, they need assurance what you deliver meets their expectations. Paper and pencil won’t do that. Everyone knows that.

And we will work with you to bring SketchList 3D into your business, so you produce a high-quality kitchen cabinet image for your proposals.
At SketchList, we have always provided ease of use, full custom designs, and fast design times.

There are four ways to create your designs.

1. Customize every aspect

SketchList 3D starts at the most basic level – the board. Users ‘build’ cabinets using virtual boards just as if they were in the shop. Very customizable indeed.

2. Library

Once you “custom build” maybe six cabinets and put them in a library, you simply drag them into your next project. Then you modify a cabinet size or add a drawer – and you’re set. Again, it takes some time – not a lot – to create your custom library. Most new users finish their first job within a week of buying SketchList while at the same time putting those cabinets into the library.

3. Cabinet Wizard

The Cabinet Wizard add-on automates the design of custom cabinets and furniture. It is an add-on to SketchList 3D. It allows you to design customer cabinets in minutes.

With it, you design a ‘new cabinet’ by selecting a cabinet style [drawer over a door, three-drawer stack] and enter the height, width, and depth. After that you enter up to 25 variables [for example, the thickness of face frames or clearances for drawer slides].

Then just click the button to create the project and transfer it to SketchList 3D. If, for some reason, you have a job that requires 5/8 plywood – just change overall plywood thickness from 3/4 to 5/8. It takes minutes to design a cabinet.

Once you create cabinets, locate them in SketchList 3D to do the floor plan and elevations. If there are any genuinely custom changes required, make them with the SketchList 3D kitchen layout software.

See it here.

4. Purchase design and/or personal training from SketchList trainers.

5. Attend our free Wednesday evening online design – share meetings.

Users and developers get together for a question and answer session involving a user submitted project.

6. Join the online Google group user community.

It is a central location to ask other users questions on software use, opinions of woodworking products or supplies, and tips on how to build something.

Get started now by getting your copy of SketchList 3D Professional.   Get some ideas for your designs and layout at this site.

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