New features speed Sketchlist 3D cabinet design.

The SketchList 3D cabinet design modeling system takes on a new look.

We have been hard at work for several months adding to SketchList 3D cabinet design software.  There are a new set of icons and responding functions in this new build.  People testing the new release tell me they have seen significant reductions in the time it takes to create a design.

new icons











Any moment now [plus three days for Mac users] the newest version of SketchList 3D V4 will be online.  You may already have downloaded the upgrade.

Anyone who has used it is commenting positively about how much easier and faster designing is with this release.  HINT – use blue and red dots.    I have put together a video showing how all the icons work.  You should really watch the video.

This post and video cover the icon related changes.  My next post will discuss other features in the new build.  [Hint – type M while hovering the cursor over the images!]

The resizing of assemblies may uncover some problems.  One is if you shrink an assembly and the joinery gets in the way you’ll get an error.  We are working on this and should have a new update in a week or so.

Let me know if you find anything we should know about.

Version 4 is finished.  There are several small fixes we will put in and of course if a bug shows up we’ll kill it.  Other than than we will take a breath and start V5 planning.



Thanks for your support.






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