Optimized Material Layout Diagrams

Optimized Material Layout Diagrams and Cut List Reports how to….

A user called me the last week asking about the optimized material layout diagrams in SketchList 3D. One of the main attractions for SketchList for this user was the ability to save time and money by generating layout diagrams. The other question on his mind was how can you generate a parts list or cut list and export that for use in the spreadsheet or other type of program.

I put together quick video realizing that I had done two or three other optimized material  layout diagram videos and posts in the past several weeks. But those older posts dealt with issues people were having in their designs that kept their projects from being optimized. This question it is a lot simpler than that. “How do I generate the optimized layout diagram?”

optimized layout report

The simple answer to that is look under the reports menu item in SketchList 3D and select the optimized material layouts report. If the project is properly set out for optimizing you just need to follow the series of okay buttons and so forth to get your report. The purchase list report and the export to DXF file format lie on the optimizing form.

To export any data from SketchList 3-D you can generate the report (either parts list or purchase list) and the upper left-hand corner of the report on your screen. Under that menu item there is an export to CSV format menu option.

You can watch the video.




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