Quick Prototype with Woodworking Design Software

I have had woodworkers refer to SketchList 3D as ‘the sales tool’ meaning that they use the photo images of  proposed work to show prospects to help the sale.

They are  right about this.  In fact one central benefit of SketchList 3D furniture design software is to provide an idea of the proposed work before committing any material to the effort.  And related to that is is idea that you want to create those ‘prototype’ ideas of projects (renderings really) in the least amount of time possible.

Thinking about that I have devised a way to speed designs even more – using the woodworking design software in a slightly different way.

Usually with SketchList 3D you insert a board, pick a material size the board, set the grain direction, and locate the board in the assembly.  You might put an edge on the board, shape it in some way, or even apply a joint to one or more edges.  All fine – but maybe not necessary at the beginning level of design.

Maybe what you need is a quick ( 5 to 10 minutes) design that results in a finished looking design that you can show your prospect to get agreement that you are on the right path.  Or even if you are off a bit — to make adjustments until the prospect buys your design.

The video Click this Quick Design of Desk

Image of desk with shelves.
Prototype image of tall desk.

can be seen on this web page.  The basic idea is to make one board – pick material you want to use, set orientation to that of a shelf, set the size to any small dimensions — then clone a number of those board without changing them.  Say make 15 boards- use the clone and space feature but don’t space the boards just yet.  Then select one board at a time — name it (or not), and re-size and locate it as necessary.

I did the tall desk project in about five minutes.  More work is needed if I want to take this to the shop in terms of adding details.  But why add the details – using your time to do so — unless the design is approved to be built?  This quick method lets you better use your time to invest detailed work on projects that will actually be built.

Watch the video and contact me if you have any questions.


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