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Professional woodworkers are using SketchList 3D cabinet design software to win business.

Here is an example of work designed by SketchList 3D user William LaRue of Ballston Spa, NY. He is a relative new-comer to the SketchList 3D cabinet design software tool. He is an experienced woodworker – in business for over 30 years. His smaller shop of four employees is constantly turning out cabinetry, furniture, and an assorted range of other products. You can see his work at

This sample is his fourth design with SketchList 3D. He has used the software for 2 – 3 weeks.

Notice the reality he is able to achieve by taking photo graphs of the room and importing those images into SketchList 3D objects for use in his designs.

The prospects now sees exactly what they are going to get. On top of that William was able to provide some alternatives.

This first image on the left is a photograph of the room

The second image shows how William replicated the existing room in SketchList 3D capturing all of the important elements — pattern, color and style.

In the the third image he had added a book shelf to the left of the fireplace and mantle.

This is a side view of the SketchList 3D model of the bookcase. Notice the beaded board back on the bottom case.
In the next image you see the proposal for placing the bookcase on the right.

As you view the images think of that William’s prospect is seeing and thinking.

Certainly not about how it’s done, or does this person know what he’s doing – or maybe not even about the price. That prospect is thinking ‘”This looks great: , This will work nicely.” , “Maybe a case on both sides would be best..”

He or she is engaged in the creation of something that adds value to the room, increases utility, and is something to be proud of owning.


So in a few minutes the bookcases are combined in the overall project – giving the prospect what he or she wanted.

The bookcase on the left is cloned, moved to the right, and automatically stretched to fit into the space available.

Sales tool? Design Tool? Planning Tool? You Pick.

SketchList 3D becomes a strategic part of a woodworking firm’s business. The prospect is totally engrossed in the process. In fact many times will say to friends admiring the end product “Yes I did design that for that spot.” Ownership in every sense of the concept.

A side benefit for the woodworker – the process of thinking about how this is going to be made has already started. It can be tested, and tried, and modified until it’s just right. All without wasting a minute in the shop or a penny on material.

The shop drawings, parts lists, cutting diagrams – purchase lists are finished when the design is finished.

All that’s left to do is head into the shop and hand the job over.

Result – What Did the Prospect Say?


Really nice presentation. Looks like you had some fun too with moving pictures around etc. I feel like I’m watching an episode of Property Brothers.

We would like pricing on both “Our Option” and Option 4.

Could you also provide the dimensions on both options.


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