Tapered legs video for furniture and cabinet designs

Tapered legs provide interesting design elements

tapered legs video





I received an email asking about tapered legs.  I thought more than one person might be interested in how to make a tapered leg in SketchList 3D so I put a video onto YouTube.  I just noticed that John was asking a more specific question and my answer is more generic.

Near the end of the video I show how I set the taper to go the whole length of the board by changing the top and bottom ‘shoulders’ of the board to zero.  You can set them as anything.  Also the amount of taper is set in degrees and the overall location is a function of the number of degrees and the length of the leg.  You can taper one, two, three, or four edges.  The important thing to get this to work is to pick the orientation of board which has the board surfaces facing top and bottom.  That way all the edges become sides and you can apply the contours accordingly.

Experiment applying different contours – like a bull nose.   At the board detail level select the surface and click Shape.  Turn the square into a circle and you have a round leg – which can be tapered    Also once the leg is created try stretching and shrinking it by dragging the red dots.  Surprises abound!


Any questions shoot me an email.




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