When the wheels go in different directions……

Well it’s over.  That’s the best I can say.


Over the past few weeks we have experienced some technical difficulties [as they say] that caused us fits!  Hopefully just a few of you were affected and to those few I apologize.

It came after us in two waves.

The first was that fact that we had to transition from the server we have been using all these years.  It was a massive job and we put a lot of time and planning into the task to try and make it smooth.  BUT.   We rely on some third party software – and well it turns out they had released an upgrade and apparently missed a few things.   That part meant that if you needed a key we couldn’t get you one right away.

Just maybe the auto-update feature didn’t kick in for you as well.   You can check under your Help menu item to see if you have the latest.   Build numbers 3286 – Windows and 3288 Mac are the newest of SketchList 3D.  If you don’t have the newest build numbers try clicking check for update under that same help menu item.

The positive way to do the download – if all else fails is to go to sketchlist.com/download  and download from there.  MAKE  SURE you download Windows or Mac as needed.  Your current key will work without change.

Then that second wave hit – big time.  It seems that a company called Apple released a new product – some sort of phone – and well had a few software tweaks of their own to throw at us.  The effect of their – let’s call it early – release is that they messed with software developers’ user interface a bit.  The effect of this one was largely that the text didn’t fit on the buttons in the Mac version of SketchList 3D.  So we [well the programmer anyway] worked pretty much full out to fix this all.

Bottom line – we may have inconvenienced you and if so, are really sorry.

Thanks for your patience.







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