One important output of design software are woodworking drawings.

Woodworking drawings are necessary to take your project concepts and specifications and move them through the shop.  As a solid modeling design tool  SketchList 3D works with three dimensional virtual boards. This enables you you see what you are designing – it’s shape, it’s size, and appearance including wood grain type and direction.

There are times in the design process that you want to switch from the solid model view of your design to wait wire frame view.   For example  you might want to have a “x-ray vision look” to see all the details  of the internals of your design.  In a simple two dimensional view you might want to create a clear black-and-white line drawing of your design.

Certainly in the shop drawing mode there are times  when you do not want to work with the detailed model – solid imagery of the parts. when doing that sometimes cards blend together and it’s hard to tell one from another.

So for the design process and sketch list 3D we have improved the wire frame views – both in the design mode and the shop drawing mode.

Certainly in the shop drawing load this allows you to print  a clear black and white line drawing  thereby saving the ink necessary  to provide the solid model print out.  That alone is worth the upgrade.

Another post will discuss improvements in the shop drawing module. These include the ability to add scale. Also zooming in on a portion of the drawing and save it as a detail level. More to come next week. I want to thank the designers who provided inputs, opinions, and advice

This video will show you what the new wire frame feature in the sketch list 3D can add to your woodworking drawings.


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