Work to Your Strength with Cabinet Design Software

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Building in wood is your strength – work with that to increase sales.

A prospect asks for some custom built woodworking.  You know you can make it and make it very well. You know the customer will be very happy with your work. You just need a way to convince the prospect that you can do it.   SketchList 3D cabinet design software will help you convince him or her that you are up to the job.

After years of working with thousands of woodworkers and tens of thousands of designs we have learned something important.  A great outcome is not guaranteed by a drawing or design.

How do you get to a great outcome?

  1. Realize that you need to create an actual model of the work you are proposing and not just sketching something up. The closer you can get to creating the actual piece, the more you will learn about making it.  Creating a model in 3D – with all the cuts, holes, hardware and wood takes you through the thought process necessary to most effectively build the job. This takes a little more time upfront but saves a great deal of time [not to mention materials] over the course of the project. This is really true if you do custom work.
  2. By “building” the project on a board by board basis you get an insight on problems and challenges in the job. Far better to correct on the computer screen then in the shop. Far, far better to correct on the computer than in the customer’s kitchen.
  3. By effectively communicating  your ideas to your prospect in a professional manner you will get valuable feedback on what he or she really wants.    This is absolutely critical.  Unless yo do this you are wasting time.

SketchList 3D users write in about the modeling process:

  •   “I am putting my projects together quicker in the shop because most of the design and dimensions have been done at my desk (and a good cup of coffee).”
  •   “Having taken a project from start to finish I can definitely say SketchList saved me considerable time, especially when I introduce design changes, and helped me root out errors that might not have been detected until after the cut otherwise!”
  • “So far I see a lot of utility in the program and a potential payback is mistake catching on screen instead of wood. I caught one error in my design that would have wrecked a $55.00 sheet of oak plywood.”

And outcome is not worth much unless someone pays for it.

“Customers, due to the technology available in drafting, cad work etc. require a more 3 dimensional presentation of the product they are purchasing and investing in. A two dimension sketch no longer makes it, regardless of the quality of that 2 dimensional presentation.”

“My main purpose for using this software is to improve my shops production time, reduce errors and to give me a chance to “build it” before I even step into the shop. However, there’s another benefit, customers are always impressed when I bring my laptop out and show them what I created for them in a 3D picture!”

So make an investment in your future.

Rev a closet

Take a step to increase sales. Learn to model your work in SketchList 3D cabinet design software so you can build on your strengths. It takes time and effort – anything of value does. And we are here to help with online video, free online training sessions, and individual training and design consulting services. Get started now – make the investment – become productive.

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