Cabinet Layout Software – Getting Started

Learning – Thoughts on Bringing in the Professional Version of SketchList 3D Cabinet Layout Software.

SketchList 3D cabinet design software can help your woodworking business increase proposal closing rates by generating high quality 3D images of proposed designs and reduces production cost by providing the lists and drawings needed in the shop.

In fact, many Pros contacting SketchList 3D tell us their highest priority is to address the need for high quality 3D images. Prospective clients demand them.

They want to go from something

like this to something like this.
wall unit 2 drawing wall unit 2
or something like this to something like this.
Wall unit D drawing  

dans wall unit




(Remember with SketchList3D you get 3D renderings, shop drawings, parts list, layout diagrams, and purchase lists as you design.)

The need or desirability of great renderings to put your best foot forward needs no sales job. It’s real.

No. The biggest hesitation in the minds of woodworkers considering the use of SketchList3D is the feeling they will not be able to learn or design using the software. Sometimes the question is this: “How long will it take me to learn to use the software?”

There are, for sure, users who create great designs within days of buying. But most really benefit with some of our time and help. We provide that help – but more about that later.

Set your expectations.

The frustrating thing many new users make it to try to accomplish too much too soon. Failure to set a goal will waste your time and possibly turn you off the using software.

The first goal should very well be creating a nice 3D rendering that meets your prospect’s desires.

This ‘first draft’ need not have every knob and hinge, every exact curve of the crown moldings, and probably not even drawer boxes. Drawer and door fronts set in some attractive carcasses, correctly sized and located in the room, will serve to get you started communicating positively with your potential customer. Start realistically by delivering 3D high quality renderings. As you learn and grow you can use more of the software functions.

There are three advantages to this.

  1. Speed. These renderings are extremely fast to make. Many SketchList 3D Pros operate from their library of previous work and size and locate work as needed. One user wrote in that his first one or two proposed design is done in a bit more than an hour. If the customer goes to another company with the work – little is lost. If they sign up – he adds the needed details.
  2. Responsiveness. You can get back to your prospect before your competitors do. And most probably you design will look a lot better. And you can address changes on the fly.
  3. Realistic. BUT maybe the most important thing is you can do this. The key is focusing, in the beginning, on learning only what you need to sell the job.

Ask for help implementing the cabinet layout software.

We are committed to your success with our software.

  • Online meetings to review and discuss your designs, show you the ropes, and get you started are always available.
  • Next, we communicate. If you have a question shoot us an email, text, or make a call. You’ll never be stuck for an answer or suggestion.
  • And we consult. While it’s better to develop the design skills yourself, if you ever get caught where you need something quickly – we can do it with you looking on alongside [via internet].
  • Finally take some time to view videos.

Now back to the 30 day trial. Again, some people do go this way since online software sales does it this way. And if that works that’s great.

I think it’s doing it the hard way.

Getting into something that

  • you’ve never done before,
  • that should have a significant impact on your business,
  • and [no matter how easy to use] involves a learning curve that you probably don’t want to face,
  • and thinking you can figure it out on your own in 30 days

has a low probability of success.

Compare that to a situation where you contact us and we call you. We talk about what you need and what you want to do. Because if we don’t know that, how can we help?

We’ll ask for you to send us a few images of you past work to see if our software makes sense for it. Together we can select one of those jobs, or pick a current job, and screen sharing to design your job. The session takes about an hour. The result is a 3D rendering, a look at all the reports, and a better understanding of how things work.

You can get back to us anytime with questions, thoughts, or comments.

We find that spending some extra time with you in your first week or so is time well invested by both of us. Then you can learn what you need to know to meet your sales and production planning needs.  Because you win more jobs, you remain an excellent customer of ours for a very long time.

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