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Mac is known for being highly intuitive and user-friendly, making it a great option for woodworkers for both their personal projects and business ventures. However, a great computer isn’t the only thing that woodworkers require; they also need woodworking design software for Mac that helps streamline the design process. 


If you’re looking for the best 3D kitchen design software for your woodworking design or furniture projects, you’ve found it. 

As woodworkers ourselves, we understood the need to create a kitchen design tool for Mac that loyal Mac users can easily navigate. The Mac version of Sketchlist 3D runs natively on your Mac computer, with no need for Parallels or similar compatibility software. Performance is top-notch, and installation is a breeze.  

Importance of Using a Woodworking Design Software 

Woodworking design software helps woodworkers create more sophisticated designs, reduce errors, and save time and money. Rather than the time-consuming pen-and-paper approach, kitchen design software for Mac helps you create quality models even faster. Its 3D model capabilities allow you to spot mistakes early on, run accurate reports, and experiment with new designs. This is a great resource for you and your clients, as you’ll have the opportunity to see the designs come to life and make adjustments before you even start building.

Using a Mac for Woodworking, Furniture, and 3D Kitchen Design Software 

As with any computer, there are some benefits and drawbacks that come with using a Mac for woodwork design. And since every kitchen cabinet software for Mac is created with different capabilities, it’s important to be aware of possible limitations. 

One of the problems that some users face is that Macs typically don’t come with high-resolution displays, making it difficult to view designs on a large scale. Some software systems are also incapable of exporting certain file types. That’s why anyone interested in 3D kitchen design software for Mac must prioritize finding a system that supports commonly used file types, as that could be an extra obstacle you don’t want to face. 

On the other hand, using a Mac for woodworking design has many advantages. Since these computers are commonly used in the design industry, they often have features that are required for 3D modeling. They also typically have fast processors and graphics cards, making them a great match for complex projects. 

While every Mac comes with different features, it’s an overall great option when it comes to woodworking design. What’s most important is that you select cabinet design software that pairs well with your Mac and has the features you require to complete each project. 


Why You Should Consider SketchList 3D Woodworking Design Software for Mac 

SketchList’s kitchen planner for Macs helps you turn your vision into reality. Keep reading to learn why you should ditch the old pen and paper and start using design software. 


  • The system is nearly identical to the Microsoft version. What does this mean for you? It means that it doesn’t take a long time to adjust, whether you’re a Microsoft or Mac user. For us, this was a very important part of the development, as we don’t want our users to waste time trying to adjust to new systems. 
  • You can spend less time planning. A well-designed kitchen cabinet software for Mac streamlines the design process, so you can focus your efforts on creating. 
  • It’s designed by woodworkers, for woodworkers. Some furniture design software for Macs is hard to navigate. When you use SketchList 3D, you can focus more on the design and less on the software, reducing the time lost trying to figure out how to use it. 
  • Advanced 3D features at your fingertips. Our system generates a 3D model based on your design calculations and cut angles. This helps you visualize the end result and make adjustments if necessary, saving you time and money. 
  • Projects can be exported and imported between SketchList 3D systems on a Mac and a Windows computer. Many users find this feature to be a huge plus, as it facilitates the whole design process.

Testimonial From Our Mac Users 

 “I use a PC in my office for SketchList3D.  The PC finally died, and I decided to replace it with a newer, bigger, faster Mac. First of all, the similarity of the look and feel of SketchList3D on both of the computers surprised me.  Therefore, no adjustment or relearning is needed!  And I’m glad I upgraded and moved off the PC.  My new Mac is much faster in doing the high quality 3D photo like imaging.

And the appearance on the screen seems clearer to my eye.  In any case it’s great you offer (and support!) both platforms.

The limited market offerings for carpenters seeking the best woodworking design software on a Mac make SketchList stand out even more!  Great job.”

“SketchList is awesome. I almost watched every video you did and read the PDF, it helped me a lot. Thanks for making a Mac OS compatibility. If not, I would have continued working with Sketchup and it’s not intuitive for carpenter’s projects.”

Mac System Requirements for SketchList Kitchen Design Software 

Here are the requirements for SketchList 3D’s kitchen design program for Mac: 

  • Runs on Catalina, Monterey, or Mojave and requires users to run Mac OS 10.13 or higher to operate  
  • GHz processor (2.4 GHz recommended)  
  • 1 GB of RAM  
  • 500 MB of free hard disk space  
  • Initial registration requires an internet connection  
  • Bug fixes require an Internet connection 

Software updates are automatically applied when you go online and start SketchList 3D. To find out more about our Mac and PC versions, visit our homepage or our product page, which explains the software in more detail, what it can do, and how you can benefit from using it.

If you want to get a feel for our 3D kitchen design software for Macs, we invite you to try our 30-day free trial. During your trial, you’ll have access to all of SketchList 3D’s features, hands-on support, and access to our weekly woodworking workshops.

Sketchlist 3D Hobby Vs. Sketchlist 3D Pro 

SketchList 3D Hobby and 3D Pro are both great kitchen design tools for Mac, but they have different features, capabilities, and price points. While SketchList 3D Pro was specifically designed for woodworkers, cabinet makers, and furniture designers, SketchList 3D Hobby is the smaller, more affordable version that was made for hobbyists. 

Pros and Cons 

When it comes to SketchList V5 Pro and Hobby, it’s not a matter of one being better than the other but rather choosing the right woodworking design software for Mac based on your specific needs.  

As we saw in the graph above, SketchList 3D Hobby is more limited than the Pro. This is because hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts do not usually require the same features that woodworking professionals do. The benefit of this option is that it has a lower price point, and while it comes with fewer capabilities, it is still well-equipped for beginners who want to give woodworking design a try.  

SketchList 3D Pro is one of the most comprehensive kitchen design software for Macs available on the market. One of its critical features is its 3D modeling capabilities, which help woodworkers visualize their designs before making a single cut. It also has a range of optimization tools and tools for adding details such as joinery, hardware, and finishes.  

Before choosing between these two kitchen design tools for Mac, consider what type of projects you’ll be taking on. Is it for fun DIY projects? Or for complex, sophisticated projects?

Tips on Using SketchList V5 Pro and Hobby 

To get the most out of your woodworking software for Mac, follow these tips: 

  • Use SketchList 3D’s resources to help you better understand your new kitchen design tool for Mac. We have a blog, woodworking videos, and a FAQ section to guide you. 
  • Take advantage of SketchList 3D’s optimization tools. They were created to help you reduce waste and save money; what could be better? 
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! The advantage of ditching the old pen-and-paper approach and using kitchen design software for Mac is that you can easily try new things without sacrificing time and money. SketchList 3D has a variety of materials and finishes to encourage you on your journey. 
  • Use the 3D tools to visualize your designs. SketchList 3D’s modeling tools help you identify any issues before you start building. Whether you’re building for yourself or it’s a big project for a new client, this is a great tool to save you time and money. 

When choosing the right woodworking design software for Mac, don’t forget to compare the prices and features to decide which one is the right option for you.

Try Out Sketchlist 3D Woodworking Design Software for Mac – Free Trial 

Having the right design tools for your project makes all the difference. Our 3D kitchen design software for Mac helps you create quality designs that bring your vision to life and facilitates the entire design process. But don’t just take our word for ittry it out yourself and learn the ins and outs of SketchList 3D! 

30-Day Free Trial

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