About SketchList

What would be the best package for me and my needs: Pro or Hobby?

It is difficult to say. For high detail work, where features such as multiple contoured shapes and many grain patterns and color are important, the Professional version is better suited. The reporting is more extensive and detailed in the Professional version. For example, one of the reports available in the Professional version shows the way to layout parts on materials to minimize waste.

The Hobby version is for the casual woodworker who is interested in designing in 3D, but because of budgetary constraints is willing to accept less detailing his or her designs and is willing to put more time in generating output necessary for building in the shop.

Both versions output a detailed parts list which is sufficient for actually building the projects.




Is there an upgrade path for Lite/Hobby users? I am interested in the Pro version now.

Yes, at this time we will upgrade Hobby users to the Professional version for the difference in the prices. Please email us with your contact information and we’ll be in touch.

Moving Between Versions

Any way to move projects from V1 (no longer available) to V3 (the current version)?

We’re sorry, but the amount of data needed to represent a project in Version Three much greater than that of Version One.

There is no way to transfer projects between version one and three.


Any way to move projects from V2 (no longer available) to V3 (the current version)?

The first execution of V3 after installing it will update your data from V2 to V3.  YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY EXPORT ANY INDIVIDUAL PROJECT FILES THAT YOU WANT TO SAVE.   Do this under the File Export option.  This is because once files are transferred from V2 to V3 they are no longer able to be opened in V2 – should you ever choose to go back to that version.  Of course you must purchase and use a V3 key from the SketchList webpage.

Version One Issues and Errors

I am using the basic Sketch List 3D (Version One). First, the purchase list will not print; the program shuts down whenever I hit the print button from the purchase list window. Second, the 2D display becomes unstable at times.

I’m sorry you experienced those problems. They have been corrected in Version Two, but we are no longer supporting Version One.

How do we get software updates? I have SketchList 3D

We are no longer supporting Version One of SketchList 3D. If you need to refresh your software with the download, or need a new key due to a change in your computer configuration, please send an e-mail.

I had to reinstall SketchList again and need a License Key. The Serial Number is FAXZB50TNEW

That type of serial number is generated by Version One of SketchList.  This version is no longer supported.

Activation Keys

I can’t activate SketchList Pro on my new computer. It tells me I have used the activation number already.

Apparently the key had been registered on your old computer. You need to uninstall that and send in for a new key.

It is important that you temporarily disable the security software on your computer if that is interfering with SketchList 3D’s ability to access our server and valid your key.  This is a one time function.

I purchased the new SketchList 3D Pro, and installed it on my computer. I have since purchased a new computer, and I am trying to move SketchList to the new computer. The license key doesn’t work.

With Version 2 of SketchList you can only register the key once. Send an e-mail requesting a new key and instructions how to use it.

Norton tells me not to trust SketchList.  What should I do?

Well I don’t necessarily trust Norton :)  Our software is scanned for viruses before we distribute it.  We have thousands of downloads and have never been informed of an issue related to our software.  Ultimately it is your call.  Disable Norton or otherwise allow it to accept the SketchList 3D download, or not.


Does SketchList 3d work on a 64 bit PC system?


When do you expect to have a Mac version?

The Mac version of SketchList 3D is currently available.

Can I purchase now to start with the Windows version, and then switch to Mac?


Will an iPad app be available for this program?

We are designing concepts for an iPad version. Implementation has not been scheduled.  Most probably the screen size limitation will make that platform undesirable for such a comprehensive package.

Using the Software

Is the software easy to learn for a Hobbyist?

Ease of use is a personal assessment. We have had people generate complex designs within a day or two of downloading the trial copy. Some say that SketchList 3D is much easier to learn than traditional CAD systems. Users proficient in those systems have moved to SketchList because it is more productive and easier to use. To make your own decision on the ease of use, view the videos. If they seem understandable, download a trial and see for yourself. If you have specific questions, send them to contact@sketchlist.com.

Can I import projects from Google SketchUp?

No.  In order to achieve its ease of use, it is radically different than that package.

Is it possible to make sure boards don’t bump into each other, i.e., not occupy the same space at the same time?

Not in any restrictive way. The tradeoff is that during design time – as boards are moved around – there are times when ‘bumping’ happens and restrictions would impede progress. For example a board with a tenon would ‘bump’ into the board with a mortise. The test of seeing that boards are butted and not overlapping to so see in the board spreadsheet that – for example – the right side of one board is less (spaced) or equal to (butted) that of the left side of the second board.

How do you create a dovetail?

A dovetail joinery type is applied to the edge of a board. Basically, you specify the height and angle of the dovetail.  You can dovetail a surfac3e with the shaping tool

Does anything detail the creation of doors? When I try to enter opening orientations for the door, nothing happens.

There are two videos at www.sketchlist.com that show how to make doors:  Creating a Five Piece Door and Raised Panel Doors. Hopefully they will help.

Will your program design pharmacy furniture, or you do have a specific program for that?

SketchList 3D will allow you to design any type of cabinet or storage unit. What may be specific to the pharmacy, I do not know.

One area I spent a long time on was shaping.  Other software I’ve tried does not typically limit shaping to the surface side only and allows it to also be done on the edges. SketchList 3D says this is not possible. I wondered why?

Shaping only the two surfaces is a limitation and relates to how I viewed a board when I created SketchList – mostly concerned about joinery back then.   The question is do I make all ‘surfaces’ able to be shaped OR do I provide functions to help users more easily accomplish the shapes without the work.  This depends a bit on programming difficulty and use input when I get to it.  I suspect this will be addressed in V3 next year.  Maybe sooner depending on user demand.

The only other area I was surprised at was what appears to be an inability to put say multiply dovetails along an edge. It seems to let you create one big one, but not multiple little ones, and not always in the plane I wanted them in.

The current approach to dovetails as a joint is to give you the ability to add one sliding dovetail parallel to the board surfaces.  You can also shape a dovetail into a surface.  But you cannot create (which is which – pins?) the other dovetail.   Again this is a function we can add if demand is there for it.  The questions are how much control or flexibility is too much?  Is the presence of dovetails visual design only or needed in the shop?

What about a library of hardware – or doors or drawers for that matter?

We will provide a library at some time.  Currently two full kitchens are in the works for distribution with SketchList 3D.    Email me if you’d like a copy.

How do I insert a board in an assembly? 

Many videos show this.  For example watch this one.

I have been working on drawing a kitchen table.  I have 7.5″ boards for the top.  I rounded the first board with the “shape” tool with a 7.5″ rounded corner.  I wanted to clone it to the other end but cannot find any way to flip it so it would work.  Where is the tool to flip a board?

The rotate function is complete and will be distributed in November 2012.

Can you simulate wood bending in SketchList?   I’m designing a bed with an arched headboard that has a molded cap on top.  To build the molded cap i want to bend and epoxy several thin splines of wood against the mold.  I have found in the material shaping function how to cut arch shapes into wood, but there doesn’t appear to be a function for actually bending a board into an arch ?

You might take a board and shape it to affect the curve.  I have done this and it works to a large extent.  SketchList does not bend wood.

Can you simulate wood turning objects… for example if i needed to turn a wooden leg for a chair?

No SketchList 3D cannot turn a round.  You can create a dowel by shaping a long board to a round shape – and even stack a series of square boards – say 1 inch thick – that have a contour applied all around and then shaped to a circle.

I have a question for you…do you know when or if a change is going to be made to the reports so that they show the dimensions in fractions rather then decimal.

We are on the hunt for all text boxes that do not accept both decimals and fraction and converting them to do so.  If you find one – let us know.

How can I easily add double lines of shelf pin holes inside cabinets and bookcases? I tried using the hole function, but kept getting an error message stating the hole touched the board….

Two answers here.  the touch a board message is a bug that has been fixed.  Will be out in the March 1st update.  We have a clone and space function for holes so you can take 5mm or 1/4 inch holes and space them every X distances apart.

Having played around with SketchList 3D a bit now I was wondering if there is an option for all materials to be in millimeters as we rarely use inches in Britain.

You can create materials either as imperial or metric system sizes.

How would you create a panel with several butted boards?

Please watch this video by clicking this text.

Other Questions

Does the application check for upgrades or do I have to download the update?

At this time each time you r start SketchList 3D and are connected to the internet, the software checks the automatic upgrade checker.

Is there a method that I can delete previously created “standards”?  I’ve accumulated a lot of junk in that database and would like to eliminate those standards that are in error or no longer used.


Yes you can.  Just select the standard object and click delete.
I need a little help on one of the attached files.  I am attempting to make dental molding that wraps around the side of my wall cabinet.

Two approaches to dental molding.  One is to cut non-round holes.  After the March 1 upgrade you will be able to cut and then clone and space them over a given distance.  The other way to to take a small block and do a clone and space with that — that works in the current version.

Can I copy a drawer from one assembly to another?

You can select the drawer (or board, or door, or assembly) and make it a standard.  Then you can call that standard into other places.

Is there any way to delete dimension drawings?

We have implemented the ability to delete dimension lines in a drawing and  delete old on unwanted drawings.

Is there a way to upload custom textures for the board materials.
It would be great to have textures that are transparent for glass or brick and stone for use as a fireplace surround.

There is no ability to input your own texture.  If you have one you want to use and are willing to share – I’ll see about incorporating it.  There are textures for stone in the material database, and you can set the transparency of materials.

Similar software packages have user forums and shared project areas. I was wondering whether SketchList 3D has a similar setup or user based infrastructure.

We have twice in the recent past attempted to get designs to share among users.  I have perhaps 10 projects the users have submitted.  I don’t know why the number is so low – there are probably thousands of projects out there around the world.  I will make the project I do have available on the web page and perhaps in the DB of SketchList 3D.  I also have on my list of things to do the addition of an open forum area on the web.  If you have suggestions on how this should look / work I am all eyes.

What do I do if I have some other question?

Send an email to contact@sketchlist.com.

Are there support forums?

No support forum has been formed as of yet. Questions regarding the use of the product are generally answered in the form of posts to our website at www.sketchlist.com. You may register to receive email notifications when new articles are posted.


How do you zoom an area on a design screen?

Zooming an area of the screen requires to hold down the control key, the left mouse button, and moving the mouse.

See how here —>>> zoom video.

How do you delete or rename something you saved as a standard?

Go to main menu – tools – standard and pick the type of standard you want.  When the window opens select the standard you want and rename or delete it.  There is no undo at this point so be sure.

See how here —>>> standards video.

How do you create a dimensioned shop drawing?

Go to 2D view and click the button in the upper left corner.

See how here —>>> dimensioning video.

The grain direction on my optimized layout diagrams is wrong.  What happened?

The optimizer is very reliable as one of the oldest features of SketchList 3D.  Every time someone asks a question like this – well sorry but – the cause has been user error.  You must make sure the grain direction of the board is going the way you intend AND <<CHECK THIS>> the grain on the material in the material database is also going in the correct direction.  Sometimes people create a board or a material and leave the grain direction unchecked – which defaults to “It doesn’t matter to me.”  At that point SketchList 3D optimizer will place the boards to minimize waste and you may get a board with a grain that goes front to back and not up and down (or whatever you expected).  Please double check and you will save time.

I need to rabbet a door so I can inset it into the frame.  How?

Size the door and rabbet all four edges.

See how here —>>> Inset or lip door video.

How does SketchList let me change dimensions?

The sizes and locations of parts in SketchList 3D are changed using either the form on the upper right or the spreadsheet on the bottom of the main form.

See how here —>>>Using the forms to change size and / or locations.

Will your hobby version give me a parts list?  I see I can purchase an option to handle optimized layout for $59.99 but not sure about the parts layout.
This option lays out your parts on the source materials for cutting so waste is minimized.
I am looking at designing a roll around tool cabinet for myself which will have multiple doors, multiple drawers, a top, and work bench area. 
Also I am not sure what you consider an assembly.  Would all of the above fit into two assemblies or, as an example, each drawer considered an assembly.
Yes the parts list is included in the Hobby version.  The optimized layout pays for itself in material saved for sure!    Drawers and doors are sort of sub assemblies that fit into assemblies.
Is SketchList 3D compatible with Windows 8?
Yes it runs under Microsoft Windows Version 8.