SketchList 3D MAC

Well it has been a long time in coming.  Some serious upgrades to the basic functioning of SketchList 3D (things like hide or color a board) has pushed our schedule back a bit.  And we have done extensive testing both in quality assurance and during the programming process to minimize issues with the new MAC version when it hits the street.  But today I ran SketchList 3D on my MAC Mini and was – pleased.  It was effortless — I just downloaded it, clicked on it, and there it was.  I opened a few different projects from the existing files (ones created on the PC) and they were right there on my MAC screen.


It looks like this…

Image of First SketchList 3D MAC - furniture design software

Reports worked, optimized materials layout worked, everything worked just like on the Windows version.  Well I must admit on the MAC this furniture design software has just a bit more finished look to it.  It think the fonts and buttons and so on look a little more polished.  But not much…  In fact the functions are so similar that viewing videos of SketchList 3D generated on the Windows version will show you what you need to know to run the furniture design software on the MAC.

Here is a short video look of me using the software on my new MAC.  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

So do you want one 🙂 ????

We need about two more weeks to get all the delivery details squared away.  On May 15 we will put a copy on our web page so you can download it and be the first on your block with high quality furniture design software on your MAC.

Pricing?  While not final yet, the MAC version and the Windows version will have the same price.  $100 for Hobby and $480 for Professional.  There will be an introductory price for the MAC Pro version and very possibly a lower priced option for the very first number of buyers.  We’ll make an announcement when it is all final and on our shopping cart.

For those who have been waiting for the MAC version – thanks for being patient.  We are very close now.

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