SketchList 3D Update – Furniture Design Software Progress

Much progress has been made with the software.

The MAC version is in the field being ‘tire kicked’ by users providing feedback.  We are working on issues as they have reported.  There is a update online right now  that addresses the tool tip and dimension text issues.  We are working on a version that will auto-update as well.   If you need a key send me an email.

Cabinet Design Software -- drawer with white boxUsers have been sending in projects and they are

  1. very nicely done and
  2. able to be imported to the Windows version.

It’s interesting that the ‘MAC crowd’ is designing projects that are not as ‘traditional’ as our windows users.  For example one guy is doing really cool storage units (definitely not cabinets) for a music studio.

We have a short list of things to fix that are more appearance than serious and will get them fixed shortly.

On the Windows side (which is also the MAC side since it is the same code!) we have already finished a cool new feature in our new Version 3.   The first one we attacked was the ability to create a mirror clone of an assembly.  If you have an assembly with save a set of shelves on the left – when you clone and mirror them the assembly has the shelves on the right!   It is really significant in the amount of work it saves during design.

I have added some video and answered two questions in this sites FAQ section.  They have to do with lip fits on doors and using the SketchList form to quickly manipulate dimensions.

If you have any questions or comments please get them to me directly.





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