Using Standards in Woodworking Design Software

One of the subjects are questions that asked one I talk to people on the phone or choose to do and online design session is “How can I save an assembly to use it again?”

Specifically what people would like to do is create a standard type of assembly – say a lower kitchen cabinet –and use it in other locations or other projects.  We do this in SketchList 3D by creating an object and defining that object as a standard.

project hierarchy and standards

A standard can be an assembly, a drawer, a door, if that a piece of hardware, or an individual board.  To create a standard object you just create the object as you would any other in SketchList 3D –inserting boards or materials.  With the standards you want to carefully name the object so that you can identify it sometime in future.  For example if you clone a cabinet modify it can choose to save it as standard you might want to change the name from cabinet – clone one to something like 24 inch base cabinet three drawers.  This way when you are looking for that specific cabinet in the list of cabinets it’ll be easier to identify.

To insert a standard object go to the SketchList3D  menu item “Insert” and select the menu entry standard.  At that point you can insert the standard you desire.  You must be at the proper hierarchical level two prior to successfully insert a standard.  For example you can insert an assembly in a project, but you cannot insert a board at the project level.  You insert boards at assembly levels, or door or rawer levels.  Insert a board anywhere you would create a new board in SketchList.

Standards menu

You might create a library of kitchen assemblies, frames, different types of door fronts or drawer fronts, piece of hardware –for example or drawer slides, hinges, or knobs.  Using the combination of different standards from your library you can very quickly assemble your project on the computer screen.  You can also – in terms of cabinet design software – take a standard object, say a 24 inch base cabinet and change its height from 32 to 96 inches – again making you more productive.

You can access a short video on standards by clicking VIDEO.

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