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Wood designs with standard boards

Wood designs using boards from the library. I received this great email from a SketchList 3D user about my recent post on wood design using objects from the standard library.... Read More

Casework design using standard boards.

Casework design time can be cut dramatically by re-using standard parts.   The linked in video on YouTube has three goals. Allow new users to begin designs without rally understanding... Read More

Woodworking software – new boards.

Woodworking software – new boards video. I got an email from someone trying SketchList 3D. It had to do with our free woodworking software regarding new boards and default materials. ... Read More

Resizing Boards

Lesson:  This lesson teaches you how to size and re-size aboard using the four tools within SketchList 3D.  You will also learn the relationship between size and location. Summary:  The size... Read More

Virtual Boards

Woodworking Design Software uses virtual boards to achieve designs. Lesson:   Using the tools of SketchList 3D woodworking design software to create boards.  You will learn the five elements of... Read More